Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #1


Happy JanuArie everyone! We finally have a reason to look forward to Mondays again! I’ve been waiting in hopeful anticipation of this day ever since they announced Arie as the bachelor, so let’s get right into it!

This episode was pretty typical in terms of night one. We start by hearing about Arie’s time on The Bachelorette with Emily. For those of you who are newer fans to the franchise, most people I know who watched Emily’s season LOVED Arie (myself included); this was truly his prime. He discusses how he hasn’t been in love or found anyone special since Emily. This is a bit concerning to me, but he does truly seem ready to settle down and have a wife and family so I’m still full steam ahead on Team Arie. Next we have the pleasure of seeing Arie recieve advice from Sean and Catherine Lowe, and their ADORABLE baby, Sammuel. Sean and Catherine are truly the King and Queen of bachelor world in my book (if you don’t follow them on Instagram, you should) so this was a highlight of the episode.

If you’re reading this, you know the drill for the rest of night one. Girls come out of the limo and try to make an impression. They have their one on one time with Arie in the mansion, then he sends 8 of them home. I didn’t see much personality from Arie this episode; he mostly just stated that each contestant was beautiful and then moved on. Here’s an example of how he handled the best joke of the night:

Tia (Raven’s friend from Arkansas): “I’m from Wiener, Arkansas. I have a little gift. It’s actually a little wiener. Please tell me you don’t already have a little wiener.”

Arie: *Looks puzzled* “I don’t have this.”

Luckily, he somewhat redeemed himself in this delete scene. Arie, I still love you. You’ll get ’em next time.

I like to think I have decent intuition in terms of who will make it far in this show (don’t worry, I 100% swear off spoilers), so here are some thoughts on who could possibly get engaged to Arie- and score tons of fantasy points for your team.

Fairly Obvious Front Runners

  • Bekah M – I can already tell this girl is going to get on our nerves, but it’s pretty clear she’ll go far. Prediction: Makes it to Top 6 but gets sent home before hometowns
  • Tia – Though her entrance fell flat, she got an intro package and seems pretty good on TV. Prediction: Gets sent home after hometown dates
  • Becca K – Some might say her entrance (the proposal) was lame, but I loved it. I also have a special place in my heart for Minnesotans so she was at the top of my list since the bios came out. Prediction: WINNER
  • Chelsea – Arie was clearly drawn to her based on the first impression rose and multiple comments on how “mysterious” she is. Prediction: Top 8

We didn’t get much from the following ladies during night 1 but I have high hopes for these contestants

Sleeper Picks

  • Seinne – Arie says she has a beautiful name, and she’s drop dead gorgeous
  • Lauren S – Her Bio is gold. Read it here
  • Lauren B – She looks just like Kristin Cavallari, and we all know how well Kristin did on reality TV
  • Jacqueline – She called Arie out a bit during their conversation on night one, high hopes!

If you are participating in a fantasy league, best of luck on your drafts! Who are your most desired contestants? Sleeper picks?









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