Points Categories & Values

Each contestant may receive points for each line item once per episode. We will choose a weekly rotating bonus point category, announced on our twitter each Monday.

Bachelorette/Becca Specific Categories

Any mention of “doing the damn thing” 10
Mentioning the Arie/Becca breakup or hating on Arie 10
Being called out for having a bromance in the house 10
Making joke related to genitals/bodily functions 10
Doing pushups 10
Flexing for/in front of the camera 10
Getting in a fist fight 20


Attending group date 10
Attending One on One 25
Attending Two on One 30
Receiving a rose 25
Receiving group date rose (in addition to regular rose points) 25
Being called last during rose ceremony 5
Going on hometown date 50
Going to fantasy suite 75
Proposing or being proposed to 75
Receiving the final rose 100

Date activities:

Hot tubbing 5
Attending a concert 10
Riding in helicopter/private jet 10
Riding a horse 10
Having a picnic 10
Being attached to a harness 10
Riding on boat 10
Consuming food 10
Winning or being part of winning team on group date 10
Being hugged by the bachelorette with a running start 10
Meeting the bachelor(ette)’s family/friends 20


Saying “I’m not here to make friends” 10
Saying “not here for the right reasons” 10
Mentioning being out of his/her comfort zone 10
Saying that a city is a great/perfect place to fall in love 10
Mentioning a deceased loved one 15
Discussing sex/intimacy with bachelor(ette) 20


Reading a date card 5
Kissing the bachelor(ette) (on the lips) 15
Crying (must see tears fall from eyes or obvious crying) 20
Giving the bachelor(ette) a gift 10
Appearing drunk 15
Bleeding 20
Talking shit about another contestant to the camera 5
Talking shit about another contestant to Bachelor(ette) 15
Having body part (other than mouth) blurred 10
Ex or secret boyfriend/girlfriend appearing on show 30
Expletive rant (saying 3+ consecutive expletives) 10
Leaving show on own accord 40
Pulling a Mesnick (Coming in 2nd, then being chosen by the Bachelor(ette) after 1st place contestant is dumped) 150

“Love” Section – May only receive points for either “falling in love” or “in love”

Saying “I’m falling for you” or “I’m falling in love with you” to Bachelor(ette) (Must be to Bachelor(ette), not to camera) 20
Saying “I love you” to the Bachelor(ette) 35
Being told “I love you” by the bachelor(ette) 35