Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #5

Happy Bachelor Monday everyone! This week’s episode had it all: private yachts,  unfriendly competition, a Krystal time out, and deep fried corn on the cob! Honestly, what more could we ask for?

We start out the episode with Arie and the girls explaining how Ft. Lauderdale is the perfect place to fall in love. Not convinced over here, but I commend them for putting in their best effort. The first date of the week is a one on one with Chelsea. They spend the day on a giant yacht, make out on jet skis, and attempt a pretty sad titanic reenactment. Based on Arie’s commitment level to Chelsea in this shot, I’d say there’s no hope:

Chelsea Titanic Bachelor

The dinner portion of the date is in an old car museum. Chelsea gets pretty deep, explaining how she fell for her ex and started a family at such a young age, as well as pain she went through during the falling out. Props to Chelsea for laying it all out there. She was relatable and really pulled at our heartstrings. Best news of all for Chelsea, Arie didn’t touch his food! She gets the rose, then they proceed to the customary after dinner concert for dancing with rose in hand. I’m much more likely to root for Chelsea after this date, so I’m interested to see if ABC really puts her in the villain role later in the season.

Next we move onto a bowling group date. Considering how much time they spent describing why Ft. Lauderdale was such a great place to fall in love, couldn’t they have thought of anything better than bowling? This is, however, quite an entertaining date including:

  • A seriously disturbing opening scene from Arie
  • Matching team bowling shirts which, of course, the girls all tied into crop tops
  • Uncustomary mid-date eating and (gasp!) beer drinking
  • A typical-for-Jenna “Is she drunk” “No, I think that’s just her” moment
  • Heated competition to continue on to the evening portion of the date

Arie Bowling Lick

The blue team (Krystal, Becca K, Maquel, Jenna, Jacqueline) win, and get to continue to the evening without the pink team (Bekah M, Seinne, Kendall, Ashley, Marikh, Lauren B) as their reward. Or so they think. In typical Bachelor manner, Arie feels bad sending the pink team home, and decides to let all the ladies come to the party.  This decision goes over well with all the girls except for one. On the bus back to the hotel, Krystal threw a tantrum and said some very unkind things about Arie (so the girls say – this was not filmed). She still appears enraged when they get back to the hotel to get ready for the rest of the date, yelling at the crew to take her mic off. The rest of the girls seem disturbed that Krystal is so angry and was so set off by a decision that, to everyone who has ever watched The Bachelor before, was the obvious ending to this group date. She decides to pout in the hotel room and skip the rest of the date, stating that she’s not hiding in her room, but rather “investing in herself”.

When Arie realizes Krystal is absent, he does what every good enabler does in this situation: goes upstairs to check on her. This decision was concerning, but Arie’s reaction to Krystal skipping the date was stern and unsympathetic. This was refreshing and was one of my favorite Arie moments of the season. Finally, after weeks of enabling her by confirming the other girls are just jealous of her, he brings her back to reality. Also, I think Arie will be a great father and has great potential for disciplining children after this quote: “I think you should stay up here tonight. I’m going to go down and hang with them. Know that I’m not happy about it. And I’ll see you in a few days.” Drop that mic, Arie! Krystal later proceeds to come down to the date long enough to fight with the girls, but not long enough for Arie to notice her.

We get an entertaining game of 20 questions with Lauren B (she likes coconut milk in her coffee and Arie likes his with cream and sugar). Kendall explains to Arie that being on the show is good for her because it’s forcing her to take the relationship slower. Yes, slower. And Arie continues to freak out about whether or not Bekah M will break his heart. We end the night with Lauren B accepting the group date rose.

The last date of the week is a one on one with Tia. This date is full of cringey country girl stereotypes, but Tia seems to roll with it like a champ. They go on a boat ride through the everglades, meet an eccentric old man who rebuilt his house in the swamp after a fire, and eat several deep fried delicacies (including fried corn on the cob). Tia really leans into the date, explaining to Arie how frog gigging works. The dinner portion of the date gets serious, and it seems that Tia has caught the feels for Arie more than anyone. She explains that she isn’t just the girl from Weiner, but she’s a Doctor (physical therapy) and lives in Little Rock now. Props to Tia for talking herself up for 7 years of school and her doctorate, you go girl! She also brought up the religion topic, but didn’t seem phased when she discovered he “doesn’t believe in a higher power”. She also really goes for it in telling Arie that she is falling in love with him (first “love” expression of the season!). He seems into it, but not that into it. Jury’s still out on whether she’ll make it to the final 3.

The episode ends with a dramatic cocktail party and (thanks again ABC!) rose ceremony. Krystal requests that, instead of attacking her in a group setting, the girls confront her about the bowling situation individually. The girls oblige, Bekah K really puts her in her place, and the wrath of Hurricane Krystal strengthens! Krystal’s angriest quote of the night: “I just honestly feel like a lot of the girls here don’t operate, like, at my level. And I’m tired of lowering myself to try to stoop to theirs. Like I’m done. Done. That was glitter. Glitter.”

Krystal Glitter The Bachelor

Ok Krystal, you’re the crazy one, we get it. She gets another stern talking to from Arie at the cocktail party, but will not be discouraged!

The Bachelor Krystal Last Fight

We also see a great conversation between Jacqueline and Arie during the cocktail party (she’s a sleeper pick, I’ve been trying to tell you guys!). Everyone is nervous at the rose ceremony, especially Jenna!

Jenna Bachelor Nervous Top Feeling

In the end, Krystal is called last, and Ashley, Maquel, and Marikh are sent home. Can’t wait to see Hurricane Krystal cross the Atlantic next week to Paris!

What was your favorite quote of the night? Any other super gif-able moments I missed? Let me know in the comments!


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