Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #4

Hey there bachelor fanatics! I’m writing this in very high spirits because this was, in my opinion, the best episode of the season by far! Tahoe was a beautiful setting and in bachelor terminology – “the perfect place to fall in love.” We start out the week with a dramatic revelation from Chris Harrison that there will be no date today because…. we’re going to Tahoe! Leave it to Chris dramatize a perfectly normal part of the show.

We start out the week with a one on one date with Seinne. Main take away from this date: Seinne, we are not worthy of you! We see Arie and Seinne go parasailing, have a picnic, dinner at the hard rock (seriously ABC, the hard rock?), and dance in front of hundreds of strangers at a concert. Typical one on one date. There doesn’t seem to be much romantic chemistry, but the conversation flows very naturally thanks to Seinne’s engaging personality. Arie says amazing a lot, doesn’t hesitate to offer her the rose, and suggests that this could be the beginning of their “love story”. Arie was still a bit boring, but definitely started growing on me during this date. Seinne, on the other hand, is nothing but perfection.

Next we move onto the group date: survival exercises. The date starts of with survival experts suggesting that water is the key to survival, so everyone needs to try out drinking their pee. Most of the girls on the date are incredibly disgusted and opt out immediately, but Krystal, Kendal, and Jacqueline go behind a tree to collect a sample. Arie drinks out of his bottle, then Jacqueline being the great sport that she is, and starts to tip her bottle back. Arie steps in just in time to stop her and reassure her that it was only apple juice in his bottle, and he doesn’t want her to drink her own pee.

We then move onto eating worms and bugs, and Kendall and Arie wash down some maggots with a kiss. Now the group breaks up into 3 teams for a hike-race to a surprise destination. Arie helps Lauren B, Krystal, Tia, and Caroline make it to the finish line (a giant hot tub) first. The other two teams struggle, with Jenna collecting rocks, and Marikh worrying about her makeup and fixing her hair. She later finds out that Chelsea told Arie about the hair brushing, and accused Chelsea of glam shaming. GLAM. SHAMING.

The evening portion of the group date was all drama. Krystal is very upset, thinking that the girls are being mean to her because, of course, they are so jealous of her. They just don’t know what it’s like to be so flawless. During her time with Arie, Krystal cries and expresses all this. Arie seems puzzled but then reassures her that yes, they probably are just jealous. Tia is clearly drinking a lot, so we get a very entertaining scene when Krystal confronts Tia and Caroline for being mean to her. In the end Tia gets the rose, Krystal is upset, and everything is good with the world.

The last date of the week is a one on one with Bekah M. There is much anticipation during the episode around whether or not she will reveal her age (22) to Arie (36). The date starts with horseback riding, followed by a strategically placed hot tub in the woods. There is lots of kissing, and Arie tells us about the time he broke his collar bone at 15. During the evening portion of the date, Arie expresses concern that Bekah may not be ready for marriage, and fear that she could break his heart. She then reveals that she is indeed only 22, and Arie’s expression is priceless. He is VERY concerned, and begs her for confirmation that she is indeed ready to get married. She replies by challenging him to stop asking her to give him the insurance that doesn’t exist in love. This type of behavior is unprecedented in the modern days of the bachelor, so I was loving it! The night ends with a skeptical Arie offering Bekah a rose, and a kiss that made us all feel incredibly anxious (hand through the hoop earring).

We end the episode with Arie skipping the cocktail party to go straight to the rose ceremony. Krystal interrupts the rose ceremony to talk to Arie about seemingly nothing. Then, we have a devastating rose ceremony where Arie let’s Brittany and Caroline go. Caroline is almost on the same perfection level as Seinne in my book, so it was a very hard night for me. The only redeeming part about Caroline going home is seeing her walk out barefoot, carrying her heels. Because ain’t nobody got time for being dumped in heels.

Overall I was very pleased with this episode. The ladies are so entertaining this season, and I feel like Arie is finally starting to shine! We really saw some of his true unscripted feelings during the Bekah age conversation, and it’s making me very hopeful for the rest of the season. How did you guys feel? What was your favorite date? Favorite quote of the episode? Let’s discuss!


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