Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #3

Welcome all! This week we got exactly what we were looking for in the early stages of the bachelor: awkward group dates and girl drama! It looks like ABC is sticking to its tried and true format, and these women are giving them plenty of material to work with.

We start this week with a wrestling themed group date. Arie’s wrestling persona, “The Kissing Bandit” (shocking) is revealed, and we see the girls practice choreographed wrestling moves in crop tops with some washed up lady wrestlers from the 80’s. This was everything we could have hoped for in a group date: some girls having a blast, other girls feeling uncomfortable and crying, costumes, some awkward sexual innuendo, and a wrestling performance to top it all off. We then transition to the night portion of the date where everyone continues to hate Krystal, and Bekah K earns the coveted group date rose after straddling Arie during a makeout sesh.

Next we move on to a one on one date with Lauren S. Lauren and Arie fly via private jet to Napa where they spend the day at a winery. Lauren S actually consumes what appears to be a piece of cheese on the date (kudos Lauren S, 10 points to you!), and Arie talks about the woes of getting older. During the dinner portion of the date, it appears Lauren has a few too many glasses of wine. She begins to talk at-rather than to- Arie, and he gets so bored that be begins to eat the food on his plate. Lauren S is sent home during the date, and the girls at the house (particularly Caroline) are very upset to see the suitcase taken away. Krystal uses this as an opportunity to give the girls advice because she obviously has the most wisdom about Arie. I’ll let you guess how this goes over. Caroline reacts with my favorite quote of the night: “Stop being so condescending because, like, you met his dog.”

The final group date involves playing with dogs, resulting in a modified dog show where the dogs don’t listen and the women look pretty silly. Annaliese goes into the dog trauma of her past; there is another beautifully crafted reenactment. This date is a snooze compared to the wrestling date. During the night portion of the date Arie seems to be visibly drunk (especially during his time with Becca K), and makes it clear that he doesn’t have any type of poker face for hiding his lack of feelings towards the women he’s not interest in.

Finally we have a cocktail party where Bibiana has the producers set up a romantic star gazing area in which Arie makes out with many girls, not including Bibiana. Now for the most cringe worthy moment of the episode: Annaliese tells Arie she was disappointed that he didn’t kiss her on the group date, but she’d like to put it out there that she’s interested tonight. Arie promptly tells her that he “doesn’t think we’re there yet”, then moves on to making out with Kendall. Annaliese later presses Arie further, and he sends her home prior to the rose ceremony. Since Lauren S and Annaliese are already gone, Arie only has one more girl to cut. I think I can speak for all viewers when I say seeing Bibiana go was devastating. 

I still stand behind Becca K as my pick for winner, but I’m starting to see some serious potential in Caroline as well. As for Arie’s performance, I must say I’m disappointed. I had a LOT of hope and I was Arie’s biggest fan at the start of the season, but his lack of empathy and engagement is getting hard to ignore. Luckily, we’re getting a lot of good personalities and compelling television from the ladies, so I’m still very much enjoying the season.

The teaser for next week shows them going to Tahoe and Bekah M talking about her age! This one sounds like a can’t miss!

How do you think Arie will react to the news of Bekah’s age? What was your favorite quote of the night? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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