Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #2

Starting off this episode with 2 one on one dates in a row was a bold move, ABC! I think there are 2 types of bachelor fans: those who watch for the reality TV drama, and those who watch for the love stories (Embarrassingly, I’m the latter). The show has been focusing on the drama seeking viewers in the last few seasons, and I’ve heard some discontentment from those on my side of the fence lately. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but could this be a nod to ABC’s intention to switch things up and appeal to us romantics?

We start off with a one on one with Becca K. The most memorable part of this date was the other women’s reaction when Becca returns to the house with all her fabulous dresses and Louboutins. All the girls seem VERY jealous but also happy for Becca, meaning she must be well liked among the girls. Bibiana: “And I know material things don’t mean a thing but damn those shoes are beautiful. Oh my god they’re gonna get married.” We actually get of lot from Bibana during this scene; all her comments are entertaining, relatable, and frame her as a likeable character. More to come on that later. Final thoughts: I’m all in on Becca. She is arguably too cool for Arie.

Then we move on to Krystal’s one on one. It was a lot. We start with a trip in a fancy private jet to Scottsdale, a drive around town, a stop at Arie’s house, AND a stop to meet Arie’s family. Arie explains to Krystal that he really wanted to introduce her to the family as an example so they would be confident that he will find some great, normal girls in this process. Arie- hate to say it but not your best choice of words or choice of “normal” example contestant. We move on to an evening date where Krystal talks about her past and how she’s not close to her family. Arie, bless his heart, is not doing so well in the displaying empathy department. But he’s still new at this. We’re still in the warmup. I have hope! To close out the Scottsdale date, I think enough has been said about Krystal’s voice. So though it made a large part of this episode hard to watch, I’ll just leave it alone.

Next, we move on to one of the best Bachelor group dates in recent memory. This is a win for everyone. The girls and Arie have a great time, we get some healthy competition, Chris Harrison finally gets some well deserved screen time, and only one contestant ends up needing medical attention! We get a fantastic performance from Annaliese, recounting her traumatic bumper car experience along with supporting self produced carnival background music (also props to ABC for that fabulous reenactment). There are also some great clips of Jenny hating on Annaliese and plotting to hit her car anyway. Seinne is the winner of a trophy and some milk, which if you watch closely she carries with her throughout the rest of the date. Dedication. Other things to note from this date are the beginnings of the Bibiana meltdown to come, and some seriously long makeout shots with Beckah M and Chelsea.

Finally, we get to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. They needed to insert some sort of drama into this episode and boy did we get it. Krystal continually interrupts girls who have not yet gotten a chance to talk to Arie this week even though she is already safe with a rose. The other girls seem annoyed, but this pushes Bibiana over the edge. As mentioned above, Bibiana comes off as very funny and likeable based on the clips of her in the house, which makes it even easier to rally behind Team Bibiana. When Krystal comes back in from interrupting her time with Arie, Bibiana unloads all her feelings in a fiery rage that is reality TV gold!

At the rose ceremony, Arie lets Jenny, Lauren G, and Valeria go, and we get a petty yet hilarious exit from Jenny to close the night.

Overall, very enjoyable episode. Let’s just hope our main man can warm up to the cameras a bit so that I don’t have to abandon Team Arie. What were your favorite moments of this episode? Who are the front runners in your eyes? Leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s discuss!


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