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Points – Peter Episode #2

Hi all! The best part of this episode has got to be the fact that #ChampagneGate could have been easily solved by Hannah Ann saying “the producers told me to do it.” But this is The Bachelor, no reasonable explanations here. See below for a snapshot of the points, as well as the updated spreadsheet.

Some notes on crying points: We got some serious sniffling from Hannah B but no visible tears or audible sobbing, so I’m not awarding her crying points. We may or may not have seen actual tears from Kelsey and Victoria F, but I don’t think there is any denying they deserve crying points this week. Victoria F’s rose points will look high due to timing (she recieved her rose ceremony rose 25 + a rose on the group date 25 + 25 additional group date rose points)

My Bachelor Fantasy Scoring Template- Peter Episode #2


Contestant Episode #2 Grand Total
Alayah 25 35
Alexa 35 45
Avonlea 0 0
Courtney 0 10
Deandra 35 45
Eunice 0 0
Hannah Ann 75 85
Hannah B 0 50
Jade 0 0
Jasmine 25 35
Jenna 0 0
Katrina 0 0
Kelley 0 95
Kelsey 60 70
Kiarra 25 25
Kylie 0 0
Lauren 0 10
Lexi 50 50
Madison 15 110
Maurissa 0 0
Megan 0 0
Mykenna 50 60
Natasha 35 45
Payton 0 10
Sarah 25 25
Savannah 25 35
Shiann 25 55
Sydney 65 75
Tammy 25 50
Victoria F 120 130
Victoria P 25 50

Points – Peter Episode #1

Here are the points for Episode #1. I started scoring as of the first group date – so points from night one plus the first rose ceremony are not included here. I DID score Hannah B in case any leagues take a chance and draft her. See below for detailed points and attached for the spreadsheet to help you with scoring and your drafts. Can’t wait for next week!

My Bachelor Fantasy Scoring Template- Peter Episode #1

Contestants that made it through the first rose ceremony + episode #1 points are below.

Contestant Episode #1
Alayah 10
Alexa 10
Courtney 10
Deandra 10
Hannah Ann 10
Hannah B 50
Jasmine 10
Kelley 95
Kelsey 10
Kiarra 0
Lauren 10
Lexi 0
Madison 95
Mykenna 10
Natasha 10
Payton 10
Sarah 0
Savannah 10
Shiann 30
Sydney 10
Tammy 25
Victoria F 10
Victoria P 25


Bachelor Fantasy League – Peter Night One

Perhaps the most compelling night one in Bachelor history? What a treat!

Since there were indeed dates during this first episode, I will score episode #1, beginning with the first date following the rose ceremony. I’ll try to get the points posted and spreadsheet updated for you guys by Tuesday night so that everything is squared away for your drafts – and you’ll know how many pre-existing points the contestants have in advance of drafting. If you haven’t drafted yet and don’t this this is fair for your league, you an always start tallying points as of episode #2.

If you have not yet watched the first episode, SPOILER ALERT…

If your league wants to roll the dice and add Hannah Brown to your draft lists, go for it. I’ll score her as if she was a contestant starting with her horrifying windmill monologue.

My (unspoiled) prediction/dream – he picks one of girls from the limos, then pulls a Mesnick and ends up with Hannah at the end.

Happy Bachelor January everyone : )

Bachelor Fantasy League – Peter Season Kickoff

Hi there fantasy friends! Hope everyone is excited to get Bachelor Fantasy Leagues for Peter started. I was debating continuing to track points this year as it is a bit of a time suck, but I got some emails from you guys asking so we’re a GO for Peter’s season. But if you’ve been utilizing this site for your fantasy league, please leave a comment below or shoot me a quick note at to let me know, because I really have no idea how many leagues I’m helping (promise I won’t add you to a mailing list or contact you).

As with last season, I’ll have points for the Monday episode posted by Friday. Apologies as I know this is a long turn around but this is a one woman operation and I try to have an actual social life sometimes 🙂

For the first few weeks where there are several contestants in the mix, I’ll post total points by contestant in the text of the post, a screenshot of the excel sheet showing detailed points by category, and an excel sheet with all the detail that you may download if you’d like. Once the number of contestants is whittled down, I’ll post detailed points by category in the text of the post also.

There have been reports that this season they will show the first one on one and group dates during the first episode. Typically I don’t score episode one because I recommend drafting after the night one eliminations have been made. However, this season if there are dates shown during the first episode, I will score those dates and assign points for episode one based on anything that occurs following the first rose ceremony. The scoring template has been updated accordingly.

This new format could throw a wrench in the practice of drafting between weeks one and two. So if you continue to draft following episode one, keep in mind more information will be available than usual due to the dates being shown during the premiere. I highly doubt they’ll have time to fit two rose ceremonies in the first episode, so there should still be plenty of contestants for the draft after the premiere. If your league decides to draft prior to the premiere, I suggest adding 25 points to any contestant who receives a rose during the first rose ceremony.

Peter’s contestants can be found here.

Check out the Scoring page for a few new points categories for this year.

See below for the excel template for Peter’s season with all contestants pre-populated

My Bachelor Fantasy Scoring Template- Peter

Feel free to shoot me a note with any questions or feedback. I’m really excited for Peter’s season- I think ABC picked a good one this time! Happy Drafting