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Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #5

Happy Bachelor Monday everyone! This week’s episode had it all: private yachts,  unfriendly competition, a Krystal time out, and deep fried corn on the cob! Honestly, what more could we ask for?

We start out the episode with Arie and the girls explaining how Ft. Lauderdale is the perfect place to fall in love. Not convinced over here, but I commend them for putting in their best effort. The first date of the week is a one on one with Chelsea. They spend the day on a giant yacht, make out on jet skis, and attempt a pretty sad titanic reenactment. Based on Arie’s commitment level to Chelsea in this shot, I’d say there’s no hope:

Chelsea Titanic Bachelor

The dinner portion of the date is in an old car museum. Chelsea gets pretty deep, explaining how she fell for her ex and started a family at such a young age, as well as pain she went through during the falling out. Props to Chelsea for laying it all out there. She was relatable and really pulled at our heartstrings. Best news of all for Chelsea, Arie didn’t touch his food! She gets the rose, then they proceed to the customary after dinner concert for dancing with rose in hand. I’m much more likely to root for Chelsea after this date, so I’m interested to see if ABC really puts her in the villain role later in the season.

Next we move onto a bowling group date. Considering how much time they spent describing why Ft. Lauderdale was such a great place to fall in love, couldn’t they have thought of anything better than bowling? This is, however, quite an entertaining date including:

  • A seriously disturbing opening scene from Arie
  • Matching team bowling shirts which, of course, the girls all tied into crop tops
  • Uncustomary mid-date eating and (gasp!) beer drinking
  • A typical-for-Jenna “Is she drunk” “No, I think that’s just her” moment
  • Heated competition to continue on to the evening portion of the date

Arie Bowling Lick

The blue team (Krystal, Becca K, Maquel, Jenna, Jacqueline) win, and get to continue to the evening without the pink team (Bekah M, Seinne, Kendall, Ashley, Marikh, Lauren B) as their reward. Or so they think. In typical Bachelor manner, Arie feels bad sending the pink team home, and decides to let all the ladies come to the party.  This decision goes over well with all the girls except for one. On the bus back to the hotel, Krystal threw a tantrum and said some very unkind things about Arie (so the girls say – this was not filmed). She still appears enraged when they get back to the hotel to get ready for the rest of the date, yelling at the crew to take her mic off. The rest of the girls seem disturbed that Krystal is so angry and was so set off by a decision that, to everyone who has ever watched The Bachelor before, was the obvious ending to this group date. She decides to pout in the hotel room and skip the rest of the date, stating that she’s not hiding in her room, but rather “investing in herself”.

When Arie realizes Krystal is absent, he does what every good enabler does in this situation: goes upstairs to check on her. This decision was concerning, but Arie’s reaction to Krystal skipping the date was stern and unsympathetic. This was refreshing and was one of my favorite Arie moments of the season. Finally, after weeks of enabling her by confirming the other girls are just jealous of her, he brings her back to reality. Also, I think Arie will be a great father and has great potential for disciplining children after this quote: “I think you should stay up here tonight. I’m going to go down and hang with them. Know that I’m not happy about it. And I’ll see you in a few days.” Drop that mic, Arie! Krystal later proceeds to come down to the date long enough to fight with the girls, but not long enough for Arie to notice her.

We get an entertaining game of 20 questions with Lauren B (she likes coconut milk in her coffee and Arie likes his with cream and sugar). Kendall explains to Arie that being on the show is good for her because it’s forcing her to take the relationship slower. Yes, slower. And Arie continues to freak out about whether or not Bekah M will break his heart. We end the night with Lauren B accepting the group date rose.

The last date of the week is a one on one with Tia. This date is full of cringey country girl stereotypes, but Tia seems to roll with it like a champ. They go on a boat ride through the everglades, meet an eccentric old man who rebuilt his house in the swamp after a fire, and eat several deep fried delicacies (including fried corn on the cob). Tia really leans into the date, explaining to Arie how frog gigging works. The dinner portion of the date gets serious, and it seems that Tia has caught the feels for Arie more than anyone. She explains that she isn’t just the girl from Weiner, but she’s a Doctor (physical therapy) and lives in Little Rock now. Props to Tia for talking herself up for 7 years of school and her doctorate, you go girl! She also brought up the religion topic, but didn’t seem phased when she discovered he “doesn’t believe in a higher power”. She also really goes for it in telling Arie that she is falling in love with him (first “love” expression of the season!). He seems into it, but not that into it. Jury’s still out on whether she’ll make it to the final 3.

The episode ends with a dramatic cocktail party and (thanks again ABC!) rose ceremony. Krystal requests that, instead of attacking her in a group setting, the girls confront her about the bowling situation individually. The girls oblige, Bekah K really puts her in her place, and the wrath of Hurricane Krystal strengthens! Krystal’s angriest quote of the night: “I just honestly feel like a lot of the girls here don’t operate, like, at my level. And I’m tired of lowering myself to try to stoop to theirs. Like I’m done. Done. That was glitter. Glitter.”

Krystal Glitter The Bachelor

Ok Krystal, you’re the crazy one, we get it. She gets another stern talking to from Arie at the cocktail party, but will not be discouraged!

The Bachelor Krystal Last Fight

We also see a great conversation between Jacqueline and Arie during the cocktail party (she’s a sleeper pick, I’ve been trying to tell you guys!). Everyone is nervous at the rose ceremony, especially Jenna!

Jenna Bachelor Nervous Top Feeling

In the end, Krystal is called last, and Ashley, Maquel, and Marikh are sent home. Can’t wait to see Hurricane Krystal cross the Atlantic next week to Paris!

What was your favorite quote of the night? Any other super gif-able moments I missed? Let me know in the comments!


Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #4

Hey there bachelor fanatics! I’m writing this in very high spirits because this was, in my opinion, the best episode of the season by far! Tahoe was a beautiful setting and in bachelor terminology – “the perfect place to fall in love.” We start out the week with a dramatic revelation from Chris Harrison that there will be no date today because…. we’re going to Tahoe! Leave it to Chris dramatize a perfectly normal part of the show.

We start out the week with a one on one date with Seinne. Main take away from this date: Seinne, we are not worthy of you! We see Arie and Seinne go parasailing, have a picnic, dinner at the hard rock (seriously ABC, the hard rock?), and dance in front of hundreds of strangers at a concert. Typical one on one date. There doesn’t seem to be much romantic chemistry, but the conversation flows very naturally thanks to Seinne’s engaging personality. Arie says amazing a lot, doesn’t hesitate to offer her the rose, and suggests that this could be the beginning of their “love story”. Arie was still a bit boring, but definitely started growing on me during this date. Seinne, on the other hand, is nothing but perfection.

Next we move onto the group date: survival exercises. The date starts of with survival experts suggesting that water is the key to survival, so everyone needs to try out drinking their pee. Most of the girls on the date are incredibly disgusted and opt out immediately, but Krystal, Kendal, and Jacqueline go behind a tree to collect a sample. Arie drinks out of his bottle, then Jacqueline being the great sport that she is, and starts to tip her bottle back. Arie steps in just in time to stop her and reassure her that it was only apple juice in his bottle, and he doesn’t want her to drink her own pee.

We then move onto eating worms and bugs, and Kendall and Arie wash down some maggots with a kiss. Now the group breaks up into 3 teams for a hike-race to a surprise destination. Arie helps Lauren B, Krystal, Tia, and Caroline make it to the finish line (a giant hot tub) first. The other two teams struggle, with Jenna collecting rocks, and Marikh worrying about her makeup and fixing her hair. She later finds out that Chelsea told Arie about the hair brushing, and accused Chelsea of glam shaming. GLAM. SHAMING.

The evening portion of the group date was all drama. Krystal is very upset, thinking that the girls are being mean to her because, of course, they are so jealous of her. They just don’t know what it’s like to be so flawless. During her time with Arie, Krystal cries and expresses all this. Arie seems puzzled but then reassures her that yes, they probably are just jealous. Tia is clearly drinking a lot, so we get a very entertaining scene when Krystal confronts Tia and Caroline for being mean to her. In the end Tia gets the rose, Krystal is upset, and everything is good with the world.

The last date of the week is a one on one with Bekah M. There is much anticipation during the episode around whether or not she will reveal her age (22) to Arie (36). The date starts with horseback riding, followed by a strategically placed hot tub in the woods. There is lots of kissing, and Arie tells us about the time he broke his collar bone at 15. During the evening portion of the date, Arie expresses concern that Bekah may not be ready for marriage, and fear that she could break his heart. She then reveals that she is indeed only 22, and Arie’s expression is priceless. He is VERY concerned, and begs her for confirmation that she is indeed ready to get married. She replies by challenging him to stop asking her to give him the insurance that doesn’t exist in love. This type of behavior is unprecedented in the modern days of the bachelor, so I was loving it! The night ends with a skeptical Arie offering Bekah a rose, and a kiss that made us all feel incredibly anxious (hand through the hoop earring).

We end the episode with Arie skipping the cocktail party to go straight to the rose ceremony. Krystal interrupts the rose ceremony to talk to Arie about seemingly nothing. Then, we have a devastating rose ceremony where Arie let’s Brittany and Caroline go. Caroline is almost on the same perfection level as Seinne in my book, so it was a very hard night for me. The only redeeming part about Caroline going home is seeing her walk out barefoot, carrying her heels. Because ain’t nobody got time for being dumped in heels.

Overall I was very pleased with this episode. The ladies are so entertaining this season, and I feel like Arie is finally starting to shine! We really saw some of his true unscripted feelings during the Bekah age conversation, and it’s making me very hopeful for the rest of the season. How did you guys feel? What was your favorite date? Favorite quote of the episode? Let’s discuss!


Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #3

Welcome all! This week we got exactly what we were looking for in the early stages of the bachelor: awkward group dates and girl drama! It looks like ABC is sticking to its tried and true format, and these women are giving them plenty of material to work with.

We start this week with a wrestling themed group date. Arie’s wrestling persona, “The Kissing Bandit” (shocking) is revealed, and we see the girls practice choreographed wrestling moves in crop tops with some washed up lady wrestlers from the 80’s. This was everything we could have hoped for in a group date: some girls having a blast, other girls feeling uncomfortable and crying, costumes, some awkward sexual innuendo, and a wrestling performance to top it all off. We then transition to the night portion of the date where everyone continues to hate Krystal, and Bekah K earns the coveted group date rose after straddling Arie during a makeout sesh.

Next we move on to a one on one date with Lauren S. Lauren and Arie fly via private jet to Napa where they spend the day at a winery. Lauren S actually consumes what appears to be a piece of cheese on the date (kudos Lauren S, 10 points to you!), and Arie talks about the woes of getting older. During the dinner portion of the date, it appears Lauren has a few too many glasses of wine. She begins to talk at-rather than to- Arie, and he gets so bored that be begins to eat the food on his plate. Lauren S is sent home during the date, and the girls at the house (particularly Caroline) are very upset to see the suitcase taken away. Krystal uses this as an opportunity to give the girls advice because she obviously has the most wisdom about Arie. I’ll let you guess how this goes over. Caroline reacts with my favorite quote of the night: “Stop being so condescending because, like, you met his dog.”

The final group date involves playing with dogs, resulting in a modified dog show where the dogs don’t listen and the women look pretty silly. Annaliese goes into the dog trauma of her past; there is another beautifully crafted reenactment. This date is a snooze compared to the wrestling date. During the night portion of the date Arie seems to be visibly drunk (especially during his time with Becca K), and makes it clear that he doesn’t have any type of poker face for hiding his lack of feelings towards the women he’s not interest in.

Finally we have a cocktail party where Bibiana has the producers set up a romantic star gazing area in which Arie makes out with many girls, not including Bibiana. Now for the most cringe worthy moment of the episode: Annaliese tells Arie she was disappointed that he didn’t kiss her on the group date, but she’d like to put it out there that she’s interested tonight. Arie promptly tells her that he “doesn’t think we’re there yet”, then moves on to making out with Kendall. Annaliese later presses Arie further, and he sends her home prior to the rose ceremony. Since Lauren S and Annaliese are already gone, Arie only has one more girl to cut. I think I can speak for all viewers when I say seeing Bibiana go was devastating. 

I still stand behind Becca K as my pick for winner, but I’m starting to see some serious potential in Caroline as well. As for Arie’s performance, I must say I’m disappointed. I had a LOT of hope and I was Arie’s biggest fan at the start of the season, but his lack of empathy and engagement is getting hard to ignore. Luckily, we’re getting a lot of good personalities and compelling television from the ladies, so I’m still very much enjoying the season.

The teaser for next week shows them going to Tahoe and Bekah M talking about her age! This one sounds like a can’t miss!

How do you think Arie will react to the news of Bekah’s age? What was your favorite quote of the night? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #2

Starting off this episode with 2 one on one dates in a row was a bold move, ABC! I think there are 2 types of bachelor fans: those who watch for the reality TV drama, and those who watch for the love stories (Embarrassingly, I’m the latter). The show has been focusing on the drama seeking viewers in the last few seasons, and I’ve heard some discontentment from those on my side of the fence lately. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but could this be a nod to ABC’s intention to switch things up and appeal to us romantics?

We start off with a one on one with Becca K. The most memorable part of this date was the other women’s reaction when Becca returns to the house with all her fabulous dresses and Louboutins. All the girls seem VERY jealous but also happy for Becca, meaning she must be well liked among the girls. Bibiana: “And I know material things don’t mean a thing but damn those shoes are beautiful. Oh my god they’re gonna get married.” We actually get of lot from Bibana during this scene; all her comments are entertaining, relatable, and frame her as a likeable character. More to come on that later. Final thoughts: I’m all in on Becca. She is arguably too cool for Arie.

Then we move on to Krystal’s one on one. It was a lot. We start with a trip in a fancy private jet to Scottsdale, a drive around town, a stop at Arie’s house, AND a stop to meet Arie’s family. Arie explains to Krystal that he really wanted to introduce her to the family as an example so they would be confident that he will find some great, normal girls in this process. Arie- hate to say it but not your best choice of words or choice of “normal” example contestant. We move on to an evening date where Krystal talks about her past and how she’s not close to her family. Arie, bless his heart, is not doing so well in the displaying empathy department. But he’s still new at this. We’re still in the warmup. I have hope! To close out the Scottsdale date, I think enough has been said about Krystal’s voice. So though it made a large part of this episode hard to watch, I’ll just leave it alone.

Next, we move on to one of the best Bachelor group dates in recent memory. This is a win for everyone. The girls and Arie have a great time, we get some healthy competition, Chris Harrison finally gets some well deserved screen time, and only one contestant ends up needing medical attention! We get a fantastic performance from Annaliese, recounting her traumatic bumper car experience along with supporting self produced carnival background music (also props to ABC for that fabulous reenactment). There are also some great clips of Jenny hating on Annaliese and plotting to hit her car anyway. Seinne is the winner of a trophy and some milk, which if you watch closely she carries with her throughout the rest of the date. Dedication. Other things to note from this date are the beginnings of the Bibiana meltdown to come, and some seriously long makeout shots with Beckah M and Chelsea.

Finally, we get to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. They needed to insert some sort of drama into this episode and boy did we get it. Krystal continually interrupts girls who have not yet gotten a chance to talk to Arie this week even though she is already safe with a rose. The other girls seem annoyed, but this pushes Bibiana over the edge. As mentioned above, Bibiana comes off as very funny and likeable based on the clips of her in the house, which makes it even easier to rally behind Team Bibiana. When Krystal comes back in from interrupting her time with Arie, Bibiana unloads all her feelings in a fiery rage that is reality TV gold!

At the rose ceremony, Arie lets Jenny, Lauren G, and Valeria go, and we get a petty yet hilarious exit from Jenny to close the night.

Overall, very enjoyable episode. Let’s just hope our main man can warm up to the cameras a bit so that I don’t have to abandon Team Arie. What were your favorite moments of this episode? Who are the front runners in your eyes? Leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s discuss!


Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #1

Bachelor Recap – Arie Episode #1


Happy JanuArie everyone! We finally have a reason to look forward to Mondays again! I’ve been waiting in hopeful anticipation of this day ever since they announced Arie as the bachelor, so let’s get right into it!

This episode was pretty typical in terms of night one. We start by hearing about Arie’s time on The Bachelorette with Emily. For those of you who are newer fans to the franchise, most people I know who watched Emily’s season LOVED Arie (myself included); this was truly his prime. He discusses how he hasn’t been in love or found anyone special since Emily. This is a bit concerning to me, but he does truly seem ready to settle down and have a wife and family so I’m still full steam ahead on Team Arie. Next we have the pleasure of seeing Arie recieve advice from Sean and Catherine Lowe, and their ADORABLE baby, Sammuel. Sean and Catherine are truly the King and Queen of bachelor world in my book (if you don’t follow them on Instagram, you should) so this was a highlight of the episode.

If you’re reading this, you know the drill for the rest of night one. Girls come out of the limo and try to make an impression. They have their one on one time with Arie in the mansion, then he sends 8 of them home. I didn’t see much personality from Arie this episode; he mostly just stated that each contestant was beautiful and then moved on. Here’s an example of how he handled the best joke of the night:

Tia (Raven’s friend from Arkansas): “I’m from Wiener, Arkansas. I have a little gift. It’s actually a little wiener. Please tell me you don’t already have a little wiener.”

Arie: *Looks puzzled* “I don’t have this.”

Luckily, he somewhat redeemed himself in this delete scene. Arie, I still love you. You’ll get ’em next time.

I like to think I have decent intuition in terms of who will make it far in this show (don’t worry, I 100% swear off spoilers), so here are some thoughts on who could possibly get engaged to Arie- and score tons of fantasy points for your team.

Fairly Obvious Front Runners

  • Bekah M – I can already tell this girl is going to get on our nerves, but it’s pretty clear she’ll go far. Prediction: Makes it to Top 6 but gets sent home before hometowns
  • Tia – Though her entrance fell flat, she got an intro package and seems pretty good on TV. Prediction: Gets sent home after hometown dates
  • Becca K – Some might say her entrance (the proposal) was lame, but I loved it. I also have a special place in my heart for Minnesotans so she was at the top of my list since the bios came out. Prediction: WINNER
  • Chelsea – Arie was clearly drawn to her based on the first impression rose and multiple comments on how “mysterious” she is. Prediction: Top 8

We didn’t get much from the following ladies during night 1 but I have high hopes for these contestants

Sleeper Picks

  • Seinne – Arie says she has a beautiful name, and she’s drop dead gorgeous
  • Lauren S – Her Bio is gold. Read it here
  • Lauren B – She looks just like Kristin Cavallari, and we all know how well Kristin did on reality TV
  • Jacqueline – She called Arie out a bit during their conversation on night one, high hopes!

If you are participating in a fantasy league, best of luck on your drafts! Who are your most desired contestants? Sleeper picks?