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Bachelor Winter Games Cast

We are less than a week away from the Bachelor Winter Games premiere date – February 13th! ABC posted the original cast on their website in January. Check it out here to see a list of the contestants with photos. This leaves us with 12 men and 14 women. All the confirmed contestants are listed below, so you can use this list for your drafts. Check out our How to Play page for suggestions on how to administer your drafts. We’ll be posting the points for each contestant on the site each week, so check back after each episode to score for your league! Get excited, nothing goes together like athletics and the Bachelor!


Ben Higgins (Kaitlin’s Bachelorette season, Bachelor)

Dean (Rachel’s Bachelorette season)

Eric (Rachael’s Bachelorette season)

Jamey (Rachael’s Bachelorette season)

Josiah (Rachael’s Bachelorette season)

Luke (Jojo’s Bachelorette season)

Michael (Desiree Hartsock’s Bachelorette season)

Benoit (Canada Bachelorette season 1)

Christian (Switzerland & Germany Bachelorette season 1)

Courtney (Australia Bachelorette season 2)

Jordan (New Zealand Bachelorette season 2)

Kevin (Canada Bachelorette season 1)


Ashely I (Chris Soules Bachelor season)

Clare (Juan Pablo’s Bachelor season)

Lesley (Sean Lowe’s Bachelor season)

Bibiana (Arie’s Bachelor season)

Lauren G (Arie’s Bachelor season)

Ally (New Zealand Bachelor season 3)

Jenny (Finland Bachelor season 1)

Laura (United Kingdom Bachelor season 1)

Lily (New Zealand Bachelor season 3)

Nastassia (Sweden Bachelor season 3)

Rebecca (Sweden Bachelor season 3)

Tiffany (Australia Bachelor season 4)

Yuki (Japan Bachelor season 1)

Zoe (China Bachelor season 1)