Bachelorette Fantasy League – Becca’s Season Kickoff

Hey bachelor fans! We are less than a week away from Becca’s season of The Bachelorette. I hope everyone is as excited as we are for Becca’s bachelorette fantasy league to get underway!

Here are some updates and reminders for your leagues:

  • Since most leagues don’t draft until after Episode 1, Episode 2 will be the first week for which we tally and post points. If your league has already drafted, you can award points as you see fit (perhaps 25 points to each contestant who received a rose), or hold off until Episode 2 with the rest of us.
  • We have added & subtracted a few points categories from last season. We’ve also added some bachelorette specific categories tailored to the male cast (doing pushups, having a bromance, etc.), and some Becca specific categories (any mention of “doing the damn thing” or any contestant hating on Arie) to keep things fun and fresh for this season! Check out the points categories and values for Becca’s season on the Scoring page.
  • The contestant bios are out and can be found here. They’re in a bit of a different format this year, but still entertaining and a good sneak peak into what to expect for this season
  • We recommend holding your draft between the airing of Episodes 1 and 2. This allows you to get to know the contestants a bit before drafting them on your team, and prevents the huge cut of men on the first night from destroying anyone’s team. However, if you have a huge league and need all the initial contestants in order to share the love among your league, feel free to draft based on the whole cast prior to Monday. For more detailed information on drafts and league administration, visit the How to Play page.
  • We’ll be providing weekly points updates as usual, as well as uploading an updated scoring spreadsheet each week to make scoring your league as easy as possible. You can expect the points to be posted by Tuesday nights. You can check out the blank template here My Bachelor Fantasy Scoring Template- Becca

Also a reminder, we’ll be posting the wildcard bonus category each week on our twitter. Please tweet us ideas for the wildcard category each week!

Finally, as excited as we are to know if Becca finds love, this is a spoiler free zone! We fiercly avoid spoilers mainly because we love watching the story play out on TV, but also to avoid any bias in recaps & awarding points. We’ll never post spoilers on this site until the episodes air on ABC in EST.

We hope everyone is excited! Let’s do the damn thing!

2 thoughts on “Bachelorette Fantasy League – Becca’s Season Kickoff

  1. Becca has all my admiration for leaving Arie in the dust and tears that he created when left her for Lauren and apparently she has also moved on so to speak. I hope she finds “her person” and that the Bachelor that she chooses remains faithful to her all the days of their lives

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