Bachelorette Fantasy Points – Becca Episode 1

And we’re off! ABC turned out a pretty typical night one with costumes, $hit talking, and a man from Becca’s past. They also provided quite the lengthy teaser for the season to come. It sounds like we’ll have bro feuds, Becca tears, and quite the dramatic ambulance scene to look forward to.

Reminder that since most leagues don’t draft until after Episode 1 airs, we don’t tally points for the first episode. If your league has already drafted, feel free to award points for the first episode as you see fit (25 points to each contestant who received a rose would be an easy option), or just hold off until Episode 2 with the rest of us. Don’t forget to schedule your draft prior to Monday night’s episode! If you need a refresher on our draft/rules recommendations, check out the How to Play page. Points for episodes to come should be posted by Tuesday nights. We’ll post detailed points by contestant, as well as upload a weekly spreadsheet that allows for quick scoring.

It looks like we’ll be awarding plenty of points in the weeks to come for saying “do the damn thing” and hating on Arie, so stay tuned! If you have ideas for the wildcard category for Episode 2, leave it in the comments or tweet us!

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