Bachelor Fantasy League – Peter Night One

Perhaps the most compelling night one in Bachelor history? What a treat!

Since there were indeed dates during this first episode, I will score episode #1, beginning with the first date following the rose ceremony. I’ll try to get the points posted and spreadsheet updated for you guys by Tuesday night so that everything is squared away for your drafts – and you’ll know how many pre-existing points the contestants have in advance of drafting. If you haven’t drafted yet and don’t this this is fair for your league, you an always start tallying points as of episode #2.

If you have not yet watched the first episode, SPOILER ALERT…

If your league wants to roll the dice and add Hannah Brown to your draft lists, go for it. I’ll score her as if she was a contestant starting with her horrifying windmill monologue.

My (unspoiled) prediction/dream – he picks one of girls from the limos, then pulls a Mesnick and ends up with Hannah at the end.

Happy Bachelor January everyone : )

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