Points – Peter Episode #1

Here are the points for Episode #1. I started scoring as of the first group date – so points from night one plus the first rose ceremony are not included here. I DID score Hannah B in case any leagues take a chance and draft her. See below for detailed points and attached for the spreadsheet to help you with scoring and your drafts. Can’t wait for next week!

My Bachelor Fantasy Scoring Template- Peter Episode #1

Contestants that made it through the first rose ceremony + episode #1 points are below.

Contestant Episode #1
Alayah 10
Alexa 10
Courtney 10
Deandra 10
Hannah Ann 10
Hannah B 50
Jasmine 10
Kelley 95
Kelsey 10
Kiarra 0
Lauren 10
Lexi 0
Madison 95
Mykenna 10
Natasha 10
Payton 10
Sarah 0
Savannah 10
Shiann 30
Sydney 10
Tammy 25
Victoria F 10
Victoria P 25


8 thoughts on “Points – Peter Episode #1

    1. Hi there! The points above don’t count any points until after the first rose ceremony. This is how I’ve always scored as typically episode #1 ends with the rose ceremony, leagues draft in between episodes 1 and 2, then we start with a clean slate with episode #2. The new format this season with the dates in episode #1 made things a little clunky, so if you’d like to add 25 for your league for everyone who got a rose the first night go for it!

    1. Hi! No, I don’t score anything from night one. Feel free to award points for your leagues as you see fit though!

  1. I just started a league with some fellow bachelor fans at work, I am so excited to see where this season takes us! This is new to me but I am so happy to have found it, thank you for being willing to tally the points!

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